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Social Media is where we focus our time and effort on your behalf as it is where you get the most bang for your buck. There are a million and one things that you can do for your business in the social marketing arena. We focus on getting your clients engaged on your facebook page and taking action on your offers.

Our Specialty- Facebook Marketing including:

  • Facebook Contests
  • Facebook Coupons
  • Daily Facebook Posting  with 2-3 posts daily which engages your fans and gets them to take action on your offers, specials and to come in to your place of business.
  • Video Webmercials
  • Graphics

Facebook gives you the most bang for your business buck using social media. We offer a multitude of options for you and  your business. Customers love to save money, they love to be courted and also want to think they got a great deal with great value.

We help you accomplish this through our marketing plan. Contests and Coupons create a high engagement, which on Facebook, is the Holy Grail. Getting more likes, leaving comments, sharing your contest or coupon will bring more people to your page and more people to your business…. we offer contests that make your customers happy and make you happy too.

We offer a Video Creation and Marketing Blast
to get your video on the front page of the search engines where your current and soon to be customers can find you.

We offer a front page guarantee for your local business keyword for a 45-90 second slide show video .

Want to keep your video on the front page? We have  options to make sure it stays there. Get it there AND keep it there. Ask us how.

A bit more on Video marketing

The internet, clients as well as Google- they all love video on a website! People watch more video online now that ever before and stay on a website much longer when there is a video to watch.

Short, informative attention grabbing videos of you or someone else being interviewed about your business or event as well as Slide show videos are a great way to showcase your business, grab the attention and focus of your customer and get them to take that all important step… take action!

Keeping video webmercials from 30 – 90 seconds in length and at the most 2 minutes is very important form a watch ability standpoint. Interview videos can be longer but you still don’t want to go on too long or you will lose your audience. Studies have shown that the longer the video, the less it is watched. Longer is not better. Being short and concise with a fun or upbeat message focused on how you will solve your clients problem is how we use video to your best advantage.
Be a solution provider!!!

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Not sure what you need in Social Media? I offer a Free 15 minute phone consultation to get you started.

I also provide full business consultations for $150 and hour. We’ll strategize, brainstorm and get clear with what you want to accomplish. Know what your options are before you start. A consultation is a great way to plan your online attack and succeed.

You’ve put a lot of time into your business… take the next step and keep up with the times… You need to be online and more importantly…you need to be found online!I look forward to talking with you soon. See what I can do for you and your business.
Let me be a solution provider for you!

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