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Mel, Kai and Bella

Hi, my name is Mel Hirsch.  Annie and I would like to welcome you to our website.

I have been in business all of my life. I guess before I even arrived here I was in business, a family business that is. I grew up in a 4 generation family grocery store business. My great grandfather started it, then my grandfather, my father and then my brothers and sister. As for me, I was young enough that I didn’t officially work for the store on the payroll when we had it. And we sold it when I was in high school. My brothers and sister went to work there usually when they hit their teen years. Being the baby of the family, I had to wait a while before it was my turn.

My mother, bless her heart, never really wanted me officially working at our store. In junior high I said I was ready to go to work. She told me that school was my work for now and that as long as I was active and busy in school that working at the store was not an option. She also told me that I would be working the rest of my life, so not to get in such a hurry to go to work there. So I was on the basketball team, played in the band, was the photography editor in high school for our yearbook and newspaper and never did officially work in the store…however, I learned to count out change from a muffin tin when I was just a wee one. I was drafted to carry out Mrs. Smith’s groceries every time I walked in the store. When the store went on strike, I was drafted a little bit then too. And growing up in a family business means that you are always a part of it and for that I am eternally grateful.

After high school, I went to college for a while and then went to a specialty school for medical assisting.

I worked in the medical field for 9 plus years and then returned to school to become a massage therapist. I was ready after numerous years working for someone else to now work for myself and join the ranks of the self employed. I worked in the healing field; massage, hypnosis, energy work, for 17+ years.

I truly enjoy marketing. I found myself helping other therapists over the years with their marketing. I loved bringing in new massage therapists straight out of school and showing them how to do the marketing and business piece. They had the massage skills but very few schools taught the business and marketing and I just gravitated to it over and over again.

A car accident with a shoulder injury slowed down my massage career so I went looking for something else.

That’s when I was drawn to the world of online marketing and business. I have studied, learned, taken 4 million hours of classes…ok, it only seems that way, and am now doing online marketing for local business full time.

I love what I do. I love the challenge of getting you connected with your customers online using Social Media, Facebook Coupons, Contests and Video Webmercials and more.

I have lived in Canon City, Colorado now for over 20+ years. I was raised in Alamosa…brrrr cold…Colorado and am a Colorado native. I have traveled many places in the world and still enjoy small town life the best.
I live with my wife Annie and our 5 dogs, Bella, Kai, Zoe, Annie and Riley and our 2 cats – Molly and Marley and Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot, Angel.

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit our site. I truly hope that we can help you with your online marketing needs!




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Hi, My name is Annie Sober-Hirsch.

I am a Veterinarian who somehow found her way to the world of online marketing with a side jaunt into the world of sports, the culinary world, stock options, real estate and direct response marketing.

I grew up in Okemos Michigan. While growing up I was always into sports, sports and more sports… basketball, softball, volleyball, track and even played ball at the college level. I love, (did I mention LOVE ?), sports. So it may seen kind of strange that with such a love of sports that I ended up as a Veterinarian and then online marketing specialist.

While in High School I played on most of the sports teams available to me, loved school and was a pretty decent student too… ok, yes, I admit it, I was that kid, you know, the one with her head down in books and reading, studying and making good grades all the time… while playing on all the sports teams too… In all the reading I did, I read the most wonderful books by James Harriot that changed the course of my life, you know the ones… All Creatures Great and Small and all the great stories of being a country vet. I was hooked and knew it was the life for me.

So after High School, off to Michigan State University I went to become a Vet. I played college basketball while there…(in my spare time) while doing pre-vet studies and graduated as a Veterinarian in 1983.

Other than a two year stint in a mixed animal, dairy practice, I have spent my entire Veterinary career in small animal medicine. I often thought I would go back to school and study pathology and become a lab rat. However after working with wonderful animals and their families, I loved becoming a part of their family and decided to stay in the clinic setting leaving dreams of research behind.

I worked with several local vets at the beginning of my career in Ohio and realized I had some pretty specific ways that I wanted to do things and how I wanted my patients and their families to be treated. I never liked it when they were not treated with the utmost level of kindness, compassion and respect and unfortunately, I saw that all too often where I was working….

So after watching the movie Field of Dreams, I decided to take the leap and open my own private practice clinic… and changed the motto from the movie, If you build it they will come, to If you build it “Right” they will come. I started my clinic in a 1500 square foot strip mall location and after building, growing and working and working some more, we moved to a 10,000 foot, free standing, state of the art, animal hospital showplace. It was my dream realized, right there in front of me… the best of the best, treating animals the way I had always dreamed and having all the best tools, equipment and everything we could or would ever need to take care of any fur baby that came our way. And…. I found myself working 80+ hours a week.

I am sure many of you reading this know the drill. Work and work some more to realize your dream, to take care of your family, give them more, have it all… only to find out you are working way too much, tired and burned out and not able to live your dream at all.

So after agonizing and trying every different option to make it work and still have a life, I sold my mega practice to a colleague and went to work on and for myself in getting my life back in balance.

I remembered my passion for learning and school called me back. This time I went to training that called to me and that I had always wanted to know more about. I went to Culinary School, learned about trading stock options, Real Estate Investing, Holistic Veterinary Medicine- Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, etc. and Direct Response Marketing. With this last training I realized how I could have done my marketing so much better with my own business and also saw how many small business owners were struggling with how to keep their doors open. I found a new passion and wanted to help business owners so they didn’t have to go through the burn out and long hours that I did. So I have become an online, direct marketing facebook specialist.  I love helping local businesses get great results online and see a great ROI from their marketing efforts.

After a few years in Florida where I did my Holistic Veterinary training and had a mobile, holistic, veterinary practice, I relocated to Canon City, Colorado.  From my Southern, Colorado base I will continue to practice as a Holistic Veterinarian and work with Mel in our online marketing business where we focus on results oriented marketing for our local business clients.

I am loving it here and enjoy the small town life and having seasons again like I did in Michigan and Ohio.

I look forward to working with local businesses near and far and providing great results especially using the facebook marketing platform running contests and coupons and using facebook ads to get your offer in front of your specific target market. Feel free to give us a call with any online marketing questions or needs you may have.


Kai, Riley, Zoe, Bella, Annie

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Kai, Riley, Zoe, Bella and Annie

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